RGM medallists



Town Hall, Hilversum

Designer: Dudok, Willem Marinus (1884-1974)
Copyright: Jan Derwig/RIBA Library Photographs Collection (c1994)

1930 - Percy Scott Worthington

1931 - Sir Edwin Cooper

1932 - Dr. Hendrik Petrus Berlage, Netherlands

1933 - Sir Charles Reed Peers

1934 - Henry Vaughan Lanchester

1935 - Willem Marinus Dudok, Netherlands

1936 - Charles Henry Holden 

1937 - Sir Raymond Unwin

1938 - Prof. Ivar Tengbom, Sweden

1939 - Sir Percy Thomas



RGM in historical context - world events in this decade

 1930 The Chrysler Building in New York, designed by William van Alen, succeeds the Bank of Manhattan Trust Building as the tallest building in the world. 
  The Empire State Building in New York, designed by Shreve, Lamb & Harlon Associates, overtakes the Chrysler Building as the tallest building in the world. 
 1932 Sydney Harbour Bridge, designed by John Bradfield, is opened. 
  The International Exhibition of Modern Architecture at the Museum of Modern Art in New York spreads the international style.  
 1933 Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. By July of this year the Nazis are declared the only legal party in Germany after the Communist Party of Germany and the Social Democratic Party are banned. 
  The Bauhaus school in Berlin is permanently closed by the Nazi government. 
 1934 Penguin Pool at London Zoo, designed by Berthold Lubetkin and Ove Arup, is completed.  
 1935 Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is completed, one of his most iconic buildings. 
  The De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill-on-Sea, designed by Erich Mendelsohn and Serge Chermayeff, is completed.  
 1936 The Spanish Civil War devastates Spain until 1939, ending with the founding of a dictatorship led by General Francisco Franco and the defeat of the Republicans. 
 1937 The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, designed by Joseph B. Strauss, is opened. 
 1938 The Reich Chancellery in Berlin, designed by Albert Speer, is completed. 
 1939 Germany invades Poland causing the British and French Empires to declare war, leading to the outbreak of World War II.