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Designs on Britain Project 2003 Exhibition of Student Work,

Designs on Britain 2003
Example of student work: Artistic Response, 2D: the Arsenal Stadium site
Architecture Week Exhibition at the RIBA
Copyright: Andy Heading

The plan provides a step-by-step guide to establishing practitioner partnerships between architects and teachers.

It offers a four-stage framework for the setting up and carrying out of projects, the assessment of student work and the evaluation of projects.

It also provides reference material from previous exemplar projects.

CPD opportunities

When planned and executed professionally, a practitioner partnership offers significant CPD opportunities for both architects and teachers.

For architects this work can be counted towards the total hours of yearly CPD that they are required to complete.

There are model CPD certificates for both architects and teachers to be awarded at the end of a successful project.

We hope this guide will inspire you to undertake your own practitioner partnership.

Architects in Residence was developed by RIBA Trust and Arts Inform, supported by CABE. 



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