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Assessing student work

Judges assessing student work

Designs on Britain 2003
Judges, including Sue Davidson, Chair, Arts Inform; Peter Culley, Rick Mather Architects; Stuart Evans, Simmons and Simmons; Mrs Doreen Lawrence and Barry Joyce, Derbyshire District Council, assess a student proposal for a scheme for the Greenwich Heritage site, Architecture Week, RIBA
Copyright: Andy Heading

An exhibition of student work viewed by independent judges provides an opportunity for students to present their work to judges and for judges to make an assessment. The work may be judged on a school-by-school basis, which is probably more suitable for younger students. Or it may be judged on a student-by-student basis.

Assessment also provides the opportunity to celebrate students' work and value their efforts and achievments.

A simple set of assessment criteria can include;

  • Originality
  • Quality of Presentation
  • Relevance to Site

Each criteria can be scored as follows: Good, Very Good, Outstanding or Outstanding*

Examples of real grades given by independent judges are shown in the pdf Assessment Guide below.

Certificates showing performance against assessment criteria and scores can then be issued to the school of for 14-19 year old students to individuals for inclusion in their portfolio. See example certificates below



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