Assessment and evaluation

The four-stage evaluation

The Four Stage Evaluation

Architects in Residence:
Designing a Greener London 2007
Primary school students with their teacher,
exhibiting work at RIBA during Architecture Week
Copyright: Pauline Lord

We have suggested that the project should be implemented in four stages.

Each stage should be evaluated on a "light touch" basis as the project develops. Evaluating in this way is more effective than a larger report conducted at the end of the project, because it allows you to assess each stage as you progress and helps you stay on track.

Template evaluation documents can be found in your Handbook, pages 11 - 18. These are to be distributed to both teachers and architects at the end of each stage of the project.

The project 'Designing a Greener London' was evaluated in this way, and the report below written up on this basis.



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