Carrying out a project

Exhibiting work

Designs on Britain 2003

Designs on Britain 2003
Architecture Week exhibition of student work at RIBA, London
Copyright: Andy Heading

A study by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) for the Arts Council into Arts Education in Secondary Schools (2000) emphasises the importance for the students of:

  • practical task based activities
  • performance, display, evaluation, and symbolic celebration of what is produced
  • a praise culture.

For this reason we suggest that a school-based architecture and the built environment project should conclude with an exhibition of student work. This could be in school, at the architect's practice or in a more formal setting.

The opening of the exhibition could be a celebratory event to give thanks to all the parties involved and recognise students' efforts. The pdf below illustrates the concluding exhibition and celebration event for the 'Designs on London' model project.

We also recommend a judging process during which students can present work on display to a group of independent judges for assessment.


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