Setting up a project

Agreeing a project plan

Example of Student work

Designs on Britain 2003
Example of student work: Proposal for a structure, 3D. Architecture Week
exhibition of student work, RIBA
Copyright: Andy Heading

Agreeing a project plan is a vital part of the setting up process.

Whatever framework you are working within, the two partners who form the practitioner partnership need to agree at the start the purpose of the project, the student task and the expected student output.

A blank project plan can be found on page 8 and 9 of the Handbook. When this has been completed, Architect and Teacher should each keep a copy.

For inspiration you may wish to look at Choosing a student task, which contains examples of different project aims and student tasks.

When you have completed your plan we suggest you follow a four-stage timetable for carrying it out.



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