CPD at the RIBA

Thanks to a simplified core curriculum, your CPD requirements as a chartered member have now become more straightforward. This means you can use CPD to:

  • build your business and practice;
  • help you stay employable;
  • meet targets;
  • gain new skills; and
  • get new work and new clients.

CPD will help to make sure that you always have the skills you need to stay competent and to protect yourself and your practice.

The move to a simplified curriculum has been called for by members. The new structure is in line with the revised RIBA/ARB Joint Validation Criteria for Parts 1, 2 and 3, which is being published in September.

The topics

The previous curriculum identified 31 topics to be covered over five years, whereas the new curriculum focuses on 10 topics, with at least two hours on each topic covered each year.
This simplified structure allows you to tailor your CPD requirements to suit your area of professional expertise. While you need to cover all topics, you can match the level of detail you need in your practice or daily life to the level of detail in your CPD.

Theoretically, you could claim any relevant learning activity, whether structured or self-directed, as CPD. This could range from weekly reading at one end of the spectrum, to extra qualifications at the other, with an endless variety of learning activities in-between.


Each year, you must have:

  • 35 hours of CPD; along with
  • 100 points which you give to activities where you are using self-reflection;
  • at least half of your CPD activity, where possible, structured;
  • at least 20 hours of CPD on core curriculum topics (at least two hours on each topic each year); and
  • a record of your CPD online using our CPD recording manager.

Supporting new skills

The new structure will also allow you to use CPD to gain new specialisms such as conservation architecture more easily, helping you to learn new skills. Our new approach allows you to take ownership of your CPD and use it to your own ends so you can support your own needs, businesses, new areas of work, new clients and new income.

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