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RIBA Certificate in Construction Project Management with Johnston and Mather

Members in the UK and the Gulf: here's your chance to pick up a new skill, gain a specialism, improve your business processes and supercharge your career, business and leadership. Doing The RIBA Certificate in Construction Project Management course with Johnston and Mather will prove to be vastly rewarding.

Now you have a choice of the more leisurely four-day course, or a reduced-rate, but more intensive two-day version. Both versions have elements of distance learning and online collaboration, exclusive workbooks and the same syllabus.

Over two or four classroom days teams will work together to tackle projects that architects can understand and relate to. There's also online collaboration and exclusive work books for you to use back at the office.

This is an intensive, hands-on, modular, part-distance-learning course. It is intended for architects and other construction industry professionals and managers who wish to consolidate their existing qualifications and experience with specific project management training. Its intended outcome is a professional level of competence, personal confidence and a demonstrable level of qualification.

It focuses on effective techniques and procedures for meeting clients' needs, avoiding problems and finding solutions, the culture of communication that makes this a practical possibility, and the systems and tools for the job.

The unique thing about Johnston and Mather is that they are architects and experienced project management professionals themselves, so you are learning from people who understand you and your needs, working styles and problems.

Doing the course covers several CPD Core Curriculum topics, too in advanced detail: internal management, external management, contracts and procurement, and designing and building it.

Courses planned for 2014 (four days of attendance) take place in London starting on 30 May and 17 October, 2014.  The High Intensity course for London starts on 12 September and there is a new course being held in Manchester starting on 25 April, 2014.

New: you can now pay for this course by PayPal, using PayPal subscription button for the UK course fees to be paid in instalments.

For the RIBA Certificate in Construction Project Management (4 day course) payment of the full fee can be spread over five months (£230.40 per month). For the two-day, high-intensity course starting on 25 October, payment is spread over four months (£179.70).

For information, and to book, visit Johnston and Mather's website.

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