RIBA CPD Providers Network

How to book a CPD seminar

Contact the organisation you are interested in directly to book or access any material in the RIBA CPD Providers Network. Contact details can be found here on the A - Z of CPD Providers, or at the RIBA Product Selector website.

As a rule, construction product manufacturers and suppliers will be expected to deliver their seminars in your practice at lunchtime at no charge. You need to agree a mutually convenient date and time with them.

To get the most out of the manufacturers lunchtime CPD, target the subject to projects you are actually working on, or hope to work on in the future. It would be a waste of time for you and the manufacturer to invite them in when you will not be working on a project on which their products can help. This type of Network CPD is good for general technical awareness.

Some other types of CPD in the Network, especially universities and colleges, will not deliver their courses for free at your practice. These organisations may be able to offer you specific, general, detailed or advanced CPD, delivered by experts, and some would charge you for the training. Again, however, all Network CPD is booked directly with the organisation.


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