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BASF Polyurethanes UK Ltd

BASF Polyurethanes UK Ltd manufactures and markets polyurethane systems in the UK. It is part of BASF “The Chemical Company”, producing intelligent system solutions and high value products for a number of industries globally.

Contact information

BASF Polyurethanes UK Ltd
Alfreton Trading Estate
Wimsey Way
DE55 4NL
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Mr Mohamed Hussein
Tel: +44 (0) 7826 875 026

Approved CPD materials

Improving Energy Efficiency and Air Tightness in Buildings with Spray Foam Insulation
Type: Seminar
- To have better knowledge of PU foam and its applications - To appreciate the product versatility - Have an additional choice when designing & specifying insulation in a project - How can energy efficiency and air tightness be improved
Soaking Up the Heat
Type: Seminar
The presentation should enable the audience to:
  • Gain a better understanding of what phase change materials (PCMs) are and what they aren't
  • Appreciate what they can do and what they can't
  • What products are available
  • How and Where they could be used to store/release heat and modify building temperature (to give improved thermal comfort and energy efficiency)

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