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Orona Ltd

Orona provide a range of lifts, escalators, ramps and walkways, adjusted for both new and existing buildings. The solutions are applicable for the commercial, urban, residential, heritage, health and social environments. Orona’s trained staff can provide specialist advice on products, maintenance and modernisation.

Contact information

Orona Ltd
4 Brunel Close
Ebblake Industrial Estate
BH31 6BA
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Tel: +44 (0)1202 824522

Approved CPD materials

Lifts: Eco design principles
Type: Seminar
This seminar will provide an understanding of all elements of the considerations and environmental impact regarding the design, manufacture, installation and usage of lifts within buildings. The seminar focuses on:
  • The background of environmental issues within the lift industry
  • The principles applied to lift design, the indicators used, the methods applied and comparison detail between typical lift types
  • Information on the eco-efficient options available for lifts
  • Energy analysis for lifts and the assessment methods used

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