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Petersen Tegl A/S

Petersen Tegl has mastered the art of firing bricks with charcoal as fuel. This gives the charcoal-fired part of Petersen's brick products a unique finish which is appreciated by clients and architects. Petersen Tegl also produces the handmade Kolumba™, and a range of mini-bricks - Petersen Petersen Junior™.

Contact information

Petersen Tegl A/S
Nybølnorvej 14
DK 6310


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Tel: + () 45 7444 1236

Approved CPD materials

A Magazine About Brickwork and Responsible Architecture
Type: Literature
Petersen magazine is issued biannually. The magazine tells about the use of brick in various aspects, the articles deal with the following topics:
  • Architectural projects where brick has been used. The articles present the projects architecturally as a whole, in a number of cases also analyzing how the brick is architecturally integrated.
  • Articles about the technical aspects of brickwork.
  • Articles about brickwork & sustainability. E.g. how the cradle to cradle philosophy is going to be integrated in buildings using brick.
  • Articles telling how brick has been used through history and how the ancient use still inspire modern architects.
  • Articles describing how architects develop new brick products using various technologies.

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