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Shaw Contract Group

Shaw Contract Group is an innovation and design leader in the flooring industry, with experience spanning 60 years.

Contact information

Shaw Contract Group
3rd Floor
80 Clerkenwell Road
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Tel: +44 (0)20 7490 4006

Approved CPD materials

Colour Evolutions
Type: Seminar/DVD
Colour evolution tells the story of progression into a new future through colour with six personas. The consumption of our economy is now on a collision course with the resources of our planet. The personas are conflicted with two contradictory qualities to create a new world of possibilities. Innovation and progress is found in the middle. Colour evolutions looks at colour and design trends of 2012 and beyond through powerful imagery of six colour personas of the radical, the visionary, the nomad, the futurist, the resident, and the globe seeker.
Commercial Carpet: Going Beyond the Labels
Type: Seminar
- Gain a broad understanding of the various sustainability and building rating schemes used in the industry to specify commercial carpets. - Gain an understanding of the various components of carpet such as nylon, Polypropylene fibres and bitumen, PVC, cushion backed and polyolefin backing systems and their limits on recylability. - Understand how carpets can be designed for closed loop recycling. - Gain an understanding of the Cradle to Cradle concept as an alternative specification tool.

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