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Armstrong Ceilings Ltd

Armstrong - Armstrong Ceiling Systems - Customised solutions meeting complex interior designs, environmental solutions meeting sustainable strategies, contemporary canopies meeting modern trends. ‘Between us, ideas become reality.’

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Armstrong Ceilings Ltd
Building Products Division
Armstrong House
38 Market Square
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Ms Michelle Nicholl
Tel: +44 (0)185 202073

Approved CPD materials

Acoustics and Suspended Ceilings
Type: Seminar
This seminar examines building acoustics, sound transmission, reception and absorption and the use of suspended ceilings in aiding the above.
Ceilings and Healthcare Environments
Type: Seminar
- The objective of this presentation is to provide an improved understanding of the healthcare ceiling requirements, associated guidelines and applications. - This presentation aims to uncover the functions that the ceiling must provide and critical performances, both obvious and obtuse, that are expected of the ceiling.
Ceilings and the Environment
Type: Seminar/Online Learning
This seminar is a CPD presentation looking at the topic of the environment and sustainability and in particular to the role that suspended ceilings have to play within sustainable development. Topics covered include:
  • Brief overview of definitions/perceptions of the environment/sustainability, environmental standards, methodologies and tools
  • Focus on suspended ceilings and their effect on the environment and sustainable construction
  • Market resources and references
Fire and Suspended Ceilings
Type: Seminar
This seminar looks at the anatomy of fire, British standards and the need for and remedies to achieve careful integration of services and the requirements of the designer.
Fitout Solutions for Cat 'A' and Cat 'B' Ceilings
Type: Seminar
This presentation looks closely at the fit-out market and how the selection of the correct ceiling and wall solution can help to achieve the performance requirements, user comforts and sustainable needs required to meet current legislation. The presentation will cover the types of fit-out projects, their decision makers, and the various requirements in all locations of the project. It includes some interesting case studies with design challenges and solutions to overcome them.
Guide to Building Acoustics
Type: Seminar
This seminar aims to provide a better understanding and usage for non-acoustic specialists within the building design and construction teams.
Metal Ceilings
Type: Seminar
This seminar will offer the delegate a better understanding of how metal ceilings are made enabling them to better design ceiling layouts.
A Better Learning Environment
Type: Seminar
This seminar will provide an understanding of the acoustic concepts of classroom design, how to meet the regulatory standards and to provide the optimum conditions for learning. It includes clarification of legislation in particular:
  • Building regulations (E4)
  • Building Bulletin 93
  • The basics of passive acoustics
  • The concepts of active acoustics including Soundfield and its relevance to regulations and good acoustic design
Using Phase Change Materials in Construction for a More Sustainable Built Environment
Type: Seminar
This seminar covers:
  • Introduction to PCM (phase change material)
  • How PCM can be integrated into suspended ceilings
  • Designing with HVAC system to save energy costs
  • How using phase change materials in construction can create a more sustainable built environment

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