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Peter Cox Ltd

Peter Cox Ltd Founded in 1951 and an early pioneer in remedial dpc technology, Peter Cox is the UK’s leading specialist in damp control, timber preservation and wall stabilisation, with branches nationwide.

Contact information

Peter Cox Ltd
Aniseed Park
Broadway Business Park
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Ms Dionne Barlow
Tel: +44 (0)161 219 7760

Approved CPD materials

Basement and Structural Waterproofing to BS 8102
Type: Seminar
This seminar reviews the current problems of climate change and rising water tables. It considers available design references, grades of dryness and forms of waterproofing construction. It compares two principal remedial techniques cementitious renders and cavity drainage.
Bird Control and Deterrence
Type: Seminar
This seminar:
  • Reviews the damage to property caused by birds
  • Highlights the health risks of bird infestation
  • Describes relevant legislation and environmental factors
  • Introduces the optional methods of bird deterrence
  • Discusses both maintenance and new build schemes
  • Stresses the need for the safe clearance of fouling
Condensation Control and Improving Air Quality in the Home
Type: Seminar
This seminar will look at:
  • The characteristics of condensation
  • Associated airborne contaminants
  • The benefits of Positive Input Ventilation
  • How loft or wall mounted PIV units work
  • The benefits of specifying filterless extract fans
  • Toxic mould detection using DNA
  • Ventilation for sub floors
Damp Control - The Latest Techniques
Type: Seminar
The objective of this seminar is to start with a refresher on the many different factors behind exterior wall dampness. Property owners frequently need external expertise to survey evidence of ‘rising damp’ but in many instances that is not necessarily the cause of the problem. This seminar will show how moisture profiles can be used effectively to aid correct diagnosis and then move on to reviewing the different techniques for installing a remedial dpc together with the pros and cons of each system. The seminar finally looks at the subject of re-plastering.
Masonry Stabilisation and Structural Reinforcement
Type: Seminar
The objective of this seminar is to review some current techniques for the stabilising and reinforcement of masonry which has lost its structural integrity. The seminar starts with the problem of cavity wall tie failure in modern brickwork construction and looks at techniques available to restore the masonry to its originally designed strength.
Woodworm and Dry Rot Update including Resin Repairs
Type: Seminar
This seminar will:
  • Review the main species of wood boring insects that threaten building timber
  • Review the main species of wood rotting fungi
  • dry and wet rots
  • Explain the importance of correct identification in each case
  • Describe current methods of treatment
  • Introduce the concept of heat treatment as an alternative to chemicals
  • Use recent projects to illustrate the merits of resin in the repair of structural timber

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