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Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface

InterfaceFLOR a worldwide leader in the design and production of modular flooring. Widely recognised as pioneers in sustainability and industry leaders in innovation, the company offers an extensive range of carpet tile designs suitable for all commercial interiors.

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Interface Europe Ltd, t/a Interface
Shelf Mills
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom


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Tel: +44 (0)1274 690690

Approved CPD materials

Biophilic Design - Designing with Human Nature in Mind
Type: Seminar
This presentation investigates the new global movement looking at the concept of biophilic design. This involves and spans lots of disciplines, architecture, landscape, interiors, art and includes our public health and national education policy. The concept of Biophilia looks at human beings instinctive and genetically based need to affiliate with nature and supports the belief that:
  • We maintain a connection with ourselves through nature
  • To reach our full creative potential we need sensory stimulation
  • To heal faster we need natural light
  • To learn better we need exposure to order and complexity
  • To achieve sustainability, we need to cultivate a deep love for life
Innovation Inspired by Nature
Type: Seminar
The subject of this seminar is biomimicry, the study of learning from nature to solve problems in design, in business and in life. The core principle is that nature offers a sustainable solution to human problems. After 3.8 billion years in existence, it is clearly a system that works. This seminar has been inspired by a workshop collaboration carried out at InterfaceFLOR back in 1994 to develop new and inspiring products.
Just the Facts
Type: Seminar/Online Learning
This seminar:
  • Raises questions about environmental claims and labels in the built environment and challenges many misconceptions
  • Explains the importance of life cycle assessment (LCA) to fully understand product sustainability
  • Explains the new generation of environmental assessment an environmental product declaration (EPD) and its key benefits
  • Provides a practical checklist for assessing the environmental credentials of a supplier

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