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Link 51 (Storage Products)

Link 51 (Storage Products), with an annual turnover in excess of £ 70 million, is the UK’s largest manufacturer and clear market leader for the supply of steel storage products – pallet racking, shelving and lockers.

Contact information

Link 51 (Storage Products)
Link House
Halesfield 6
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Mr Tom Roy
Tel: +44 (0)7770 836241

Approved CPD materials

Design with Storage in Mind - a Specifier's Guide
Type: Seminar
- To demonstrate how Designing with Storage in Mind is an essential part of ensuring the optimum performance of buildings, their functionality, utilisation of space and best accessibility, whilst providing appropriate security. - To demonstrate that early participation will establish a controlled environment incorporating appropriate high quality storage, designed, manufactured and installed to industry standards as well as best practice.
Personal Storage What comes first - the room or the user?
Type: Seminar
So often the choice of locker is the last thing on a designers mind when specifying the building but why so? This CPD seminar highlights some of the considerations to take into account when preparing scheme layouts and designs for new and refurbishment projects. There is much more to a locker than meets the eye. Find out how specification and early involvement with a manufacturer can improve traffic flows, security, health and safety and reduce fire hazards and project costs. You can even use locker schemes as a revenue stream. Maintaining your design aesthetic is also important so how can correct specification enhance your lighting and heating layout whilst complementing your theme with colour palette, material finish and locking options. This CPD seminar is designed to provide you with practical information to identify the common pitfalls in locker specification and enables you to use locker design to improve your design aesthetic and the end user experience. What come’s first – the room or the user?
An Interactive Insight into Storage Design Considerations
Type: Workshop/Seminar
This CPD comprises a short introductory presentation, an interactive workshop with three tasks and a closing presentation. The material is designed to provide the participant with a wider knowledge of how storage solutions can impact a building’s design and functionality. The workshop element of the CPD is designed to:
  • To replicate a specific design for a static shelving system providing a given volume of storage.
  • An unguided task with the objective of significantly increasing the storage capacity available using a range of storage components provided.
  • To further increase the storage capacity available within the same footprint using advanced storage concepts. The overall aim is to encourage questioning of the storage applications and the various considerations of space planning and storage to further the participants understanding and knowledge.

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