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Wienerberger Ltd

Wienerberger, the world’s largest brick maker, offers UK customers a choice of more than 400 products including Terca facing bricks, Desimpel handformatic and Baggeridge Blues. Wienerberger also produces an extensive portfolio of domestic and commercial pavers, the Porotherm clay block walling system and the Corium cladding system.

Contact information

Wienerberger Ltd
Wienerberger House
Brooks Drive
Cheadle Royal Business Park
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Design Services Department
Tel: +44 (0)161 491 8200

Approved CPD materials

Achieving Successful Clay Paving
Type: Seminar
This seminar looks at the British Standards requirements and the practical issues associated with both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
Brick Design and Innovation
Type: Seminar
This seminar explores:
  • Ancient and modern iconic structures, exploring early brick structures, to the present day.
  • Brick used in alternative & innovative ways, creating contemporary structures using one of the oldest construction materials.
  • An introduction to clay masonary, and appropriate specification.
  • The basic properties of bricks.
  • An overview of manufacturing techniques, terms and definitions, in accordance with the product standard BSEN 771-1 2003 & PAS 70 testing methodology.
  • A look at special bricks, green credentials, with case studies of projects where none standard brick products are used to good effect.
Brick Tile Cladding System
Type: Seminar
This seminar aims to:
  • Illustrate the brick tile cladding system
  • Focus on what the product concept is
  • Provide a history of the system
  • Explain what the systems can be used for
  • Explain the system development brief
  • Explain the system components
  • Illustrate the colour range of the tile components
  • Explain production of the system title components
  • Illustrate unique features of the system
  • Explain testing and accreditation
  • Explain the system attributes
  • Illustrate completed projects and case studies
Control of Roof Space Condensation
Type: Seminar
This CPD presentation covers:
  • The causes of condensation in buildings
  • Identification of the Building Regulations relating to condensation control in buildings
  • Practical examples of how to comply with the latest standards
  • Illustrated examples include a warm and a cold roof design and underlay types are also explained.
Decorative and Sculptured Brickwork
Type: Seminar
This material looks to explain the flexibility of brickwork.
Designing for Movement in Brickwork
Type: Seminar
This seminar looks at the basic British Standard requirements and those situations where problems have arisen, and to recognise how the designer can minimise the risk of damage.
Multi Cellular Clay Block Wall System: A Modern Construction Method with the Reassuringly Traditional Values of Clay
Type: Seminar
This seminar will:
  • Provide the designer with other MMC options for walling systems
  • Raise awareness as to other walling systems that are environmentally friendly
  • Educate in CDM benefits and safer site traffic management
  • Identify a system that accords with current legislation

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