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Stelrad Radiators

Stelrad supply all types of radiators from steel panels and towel rails to column, decorative and low surface temperature, as well as low energy, cost saving radiators. Stelrad have the model and size for almost any application whether it be commercial or domestic.

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Stelrad Radiators
Stelrad House
Marriott Road
South Yorkshire
S64 8BN
United Kingdom


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CPD Contact
Tel: +44 (0)1709 572201

Approved CPD materials

Design and Technology in Steel Panel Radiators: Radical, Innovative and Eco-friendly Radiator Development Reduces Fuel Cost and Carbon Footprint
Type: Seminar/Online Learning
This seminar aims to help architects and specifiers to:
  • Understand more about innovative serial feed steel panel radiator design and technology
  • Understand the differences between the conventional parallel feed radiator and the energy-saving serial feed radiator
  • Understand how latest emitter technology reduces fuel consumption and carbon footprint and improves comfort levels in new or refurbished domestic and commercial properties
  • Understand how serial feed radiators can help meet the requirements of the building regulations part L and the code for sustainable homes
Radiator Burns: How to Avoid and Comply with Legislation
Type: Seminar/Online Learning
This seminar aims to:
  • Provide guidance on the use of Low Surface Temperature (LST) steel panel radiators for safe room heating
  • Raise awareness of LST radiator technology to provide safe space heating in education and healthcare and other public buildings
  • Raise awareness of the features and benefits of LST radiators and how they can provide real benefits compared with other types of space heating

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