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SSQ Group

SSQ Group is an importer, wholesaler and distributor of natural slate used for roofing, flooring and architectural purposes.

Contact information

SSQ Group
301 Elveden Road
Park Royal
NW10 7SS
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Ms Kristine Mladenova
Tel: +44 (0)20 8961 7725

Approved CPD materials

Phyllite: Natural Stone Flooring and Cladding
Type: Seminar
This seminar will provide:
  • An understanding of what natural phyllite is
  • geology
  • Information on what the advantages are of using it
  • The need to obtain an EN certificate and how to interpret it
  • An illustration of the different applications of the material
An Introduction to Roofing Slate
Type: Seminar
The seminar is aimed at anyone specifying or choosing natural roofing slate and offers an immediate overview and appreciation of a complex subject. The seminar includes:
  • Basics of geology
  • a geological overview of slate and why it makes such a great roofing material
  • Slate production
  • its source, how it is quarried and how roofing slates are produced
  • Sorting and grading
  • "the good, the bad and the ugly"
  • Quality and performance
  • what to look for when assessing roofing slates and interpreting test certificates
  • Specify in safety
  • the key to ensuring problem free roofing slate specification
  • European standards
  • the new European standards and CE marking
Why Specify Natural Slate for Roofing and Cladding?
Type: Seminar
This seminar aims to help delegates:
  • Be confident in the use of natural slate for a variety of applications
  • Understand why natural slate makes good roofing and cladding material
  • Specify natural slate correctly
  • Highlight the main pitfalls of natural slate specification The seminar also:
  • Highlights case studies where natural slate has been used to solve complex design problems
  • Explains the environmental benefits of choosing natural slate over other genres of roofing products

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