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Jablite Ltd

Jablite Limited specialises in providing industry leading insulation solutions that meet current and future Building Regulation requirements for the specification of floors, walls and roofs of commercial, public sector and residential buildings.

Contact information

Jablite Ltd
Infinity House
Anderson Way
DA17 6BG
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Mr Tony McNeally
Tel: +44 (0)7785 623993

Approved CPD materials

Dynamic High Performance Insulation
Type: Seminar
Dynamic insulation is an established principle. It enables extremely low U-Values to be achieved
  • as low as 0.07. It is only relatively recently that this has been executed in a manufactured product that is practical in terms of performance, design and installation. Dynamic insulation draws air into channels in the insulation medium. The air then captures heat that would otherwise escape the property. The heat pre-warms the air in the wall structure (cavity or timber stud.) The pre-warmed air is then drawn back into the property.

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