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Triton Systems

Triton Systems Ltd supplies Isola Platon cavity drain membranes, primarily for new build and existing basement waterproofing, concrete waterproofing and flood resilience systems, ground gas barriers and anti-condensation, damp proofing and timber preservation products.

Contact information

Triton Systems
Units 3-5
Crayford Commercial Centre
Greyhound Way
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Mr Paul Sweatman
Tel: +44 (0)7771 803226

Approved CPD materials

Living/Green Roofs
Type: Seminar
The seminar is an introduction to Living/Green Roofs, covering the benefits of a green roof, types of green roofs, design principles and considerations, construction detailing and the standards and regulations.
New Build and Existing Basement Waterproofing
Type: Seminar
This seminar aims to provide:
  • Greater awareness of BS8102
  • Information on the grades of waterproofing required
  • Information on the types of waterproofing systems available
  • Information on standards and regulations
New Build Basement Waterproofing
Type: Seminar
This seminar will look at:
  • Code of practice including principle considerations
  • Types and forms of construction and waterproofing
  • Types A, B and C waterproofing systems, use and application
Structural Waterproofing with Cavity Drain Membranes
Type: Seminar/Online Learning
The architect will get a greater understanding of the use of cavity drain membranes for structural waterproofing. This material will provide the architect with an alternative method of waterproofing which can be of benefit to the client, architect and contractor.
Type B Waterproofing BS8102
Type: Seminar
This seminar focuses on Type B waterproofing as defined in BS8102, the code of practice for protecting below ground structures from water in the ground. We will look at design philosophy, site evaluation and risk assessment set out in the code of practice before looking in more detail at Type B protection.
Type C Cavity Drain membrane Waterproofing
Type: Online Learning
- BS 8102 Code of Practice for Below Ground Waterproofing. - Waterproofing with drainage membranes. - Their use in existing and new build basements. - How they are installed. - The use of drainage and sump pumps. - The importance of regular maintenance
Waterproofing Concrete Structures Below Ground
Type: Seminar
This seminar looks at the use of concrete in the construction industry and the systems available for waterproofing concrete. What concrete is, where it is used, the benefits of using concrete.

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