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SAS International Ltd

SAS International Ltd is the UKs largest manufacturer of suspended metal ceiling systems, chilled ceilings, chilled beams, integrated service modules (ISMs) and architectural metalwork. Established in 1968, SAS has manufacturing plants in Wales, the West Midlands and Scotland.

Contact information

SAS International Ltd
31 Suttons Business Park
London Road
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Tel: +44 (0)118 929 0900

Approved CPD materials

Architectural Metalwork: Integrating Design and Performance
Type: Seminar
This architectural metalwork CPD examines the sustainability of designer-led metal products, service and product integration, aesthetic versatility, durability and environmental considerations. The CPD also covers acoustic baffles to wall cladding.
Chilled Ceilings, Chilled Beams and Integrated Service Modules: Energy Efficient Cooling
Type: Seminar
Chilled beams offer an energy efficient design-led alternative to traditional cooling methods and this CPD explains what they are and how they work. This seminar also details the difference between active and passive chilled beams and how ISMs integrate with other building services.
Chilled Ceilings: Energy Efficient Cooling
Type: Seminar
This seminar examines the growing demand for energy efficient cooling and explains:
  • What they are
  • How they work and integrate with other building services and applications
Clean and Safe Ceilings: An Anti-Bacterial Solution
Type: Seminar
This seminar examines the growth of healthcare projects, how anti-bacterial coatings work, how they are tested and perform, and how they integrate into a normal cleaning schedule.
Factory Tour of UK Acoustic Metal Ceiling & Roll Forming Facility
Type: Factory Visit
The Bridgend facility is one of three UK manufacturing sites. The factory tour demonstrates the technology used to manufacture both ceiling systems and roll formed sections from steel coil to finished product. It also demonstrates how waste minimisation has reduced waste to landfill. Factroy Tour Itinerary: Day 1
  • Arrival and Dinner Day 2 – Factory
  • SAS International
  • Bridgend Factory Tour Overview Presentation
  • Pre-tour Health and Safety briefing
  • Guided Factory Tour – Unit 1 – Demountable Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Systems
  • Lunch
  • Guided Factory Tour – Unit 2 – Chilled Ceilings, Roll forming, Tool Development
  • CPD Seminar – Fully Glazed Partitioning Systems
  • Open Forum
  • Depart This factory is open to any interested parties to apply. The duration is one day and one night, with accomodation provided.
Radiant Heating Panels: High Level Heating
Type: Seminar
Increasingly popular in the healthcare and education sectors, this seminar covers:
  • The theory behind radiant heating
  • Performance and application
  • Energy efficiencies
  • Technical specification and design considerations
Specifying performance demountable suspended ceiling systems: acoustic, environmental, design and integration options
Type: Seminar
This seminar offers a brief overview of the benefits of specifying suspended metal ceilings. It looks at the specification and standards that relate to suspended ceilings including compliance to BREAAM, LEED and SKA. Along with acoustic comfort it will examine the design and integration options before looking at the principle types of ceiling systems.
Specifying performance fully glazed partitioning systems: design, performance and integration
Type: Seminar
This seminar details the performance demands placed on design-led fully glazed partitioning systems including fire, acoustics, strength and durability. The seminar covers all fully glazed partitioning systems and their design and integration options.
Water-based Radiant Heating Solutions: Performance, Design and Application
Type: Seminar
Radiant Heating systems including how they work, benefits of using Radiant Heating, compliance with British Standards and contribution to environmental ratings. The seminar covers water-based Radiant Heating systems and their design, integration and application options.

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