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Icopal Limited

Icopal is the world’s leading producer of roofing membranes, acoustic solutions and associated products, with offices in more than 30 countries. We offer the UK’s most complete range of construction membranes, acoustic systems, support services and insurance-backed guarantees.

Contact information

Icopal Limited
Barton Dock Road
Greater Manchester
M32 0YL
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Tel: +44 (0)161 865 4444

Approved CPD materials

Damp Proof Courses
Type: Seminar
This seminar looks at regulations, installation, type and construction of building, locations and profile of DPC and case study examples.
Innovative and Sustainable Roofing Solutions
Type: Seminar
Sustainability and the environment are key issues within the building industry. The seminar focuses on:
  • Innovations within the flat roofing sector which create a positive impact on the environment
  • It outlines waterproofing membranes and systems that actively reduce air pollution levels
  • A thin-film photovoltaic solution for flat roofs to produce low carbon electricity
  • The advantages green roofs can offer to the environment
  • How new technologies help to meet the challenges to mitigate the effects of a changing environment
Lightweight Green Roof Systems
Type: Seminar
This seminar offers an explanation of types of green roof, benefits of a green roof, key design considerations, green roof case studies and legislation.
Pitched Roofing Design and Detailing
Type: Seminar
This seminar aims to introduce the functions of a pitched roof and how different membrane technologies achieve/satisfy these functional requirements.
The Development and Specification Considerations for Elastomeric Roofing Membranes (Rubber)
Type: Seminar
This seminar will teach architects about single ply membrane roofing and key considerations for specification.
The Development of TPO Single Ply Roofing Membranes
Type: Seminar
This seminar aims to provide comprehensive information regarding single ply membranes. It includes how single ply membranes are formed, how single ply membranes differ and the methods of installation of TPO membranes.
The Use of Flexible Membranes and Acoustic Systems in Construction
Type: Seminar
The material looks at how technological advances in construction membranes have expanded their application range and how designers can implement solutions to a wide range of common problems.

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