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Kaldewei UK Ltd

Kaldewei produces over 300 design-led models of baths, shower trays and whirlpools made from 3.5mm steel enamel which is guaranteed for 30 years. The glass-like surface is resistant to knocks, scratches and abrasion, so every Kaldewei product will stay more beautiful and hygienic than any other.

Contact information

Kaldewei UK Ltd
Kings Hall
St Ives Business Park
Parsons Green
St Ives
PE27 4WY
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Mrs Linda Skelton
Tel: +44 (0)80 0840 9770

Approved CPD materials

Factory and Showroom Tour
Type: Seminar
This tour will offer architects an overview of steel enamel bath and shower products manufacturing. Including the enamelling section, methods of manufacture, how the factory is organised, material performance, manufacturing stages and processes, storage and shipping arrangements. Participants will have:
  • A comprehensive understanding of the way steel enamel baths and shower trays are produced
  • Understand what enamel is made from and the smelting process to mix it
  • Understand how the various production stages are organised from start to finish, including quality control and environmental aspects This one-day tour will take place in the manufacturing facility in Cambridgeshire and will include tour of factory and showroom.
Level Access Shower Solutions
Type: Seminar
- Benefits of level-access showers - Level-access shower options/materials - Benefits of 3.5mm steel enamel for level-access showering - Technical installation solutions - Compliance/standards
Steel Enamel Baths and Shower Trays
Type: Seminar
This seminar will provide the specifier with information on:
  • Steel enamel baths and shower tray production techniques
  • What is enamel?
  • Properties of steel enamel
  • Anti-slip and easy clean finish explained
  • Floor level showering made simple
  • DIN standards
  • Correct installation techniques for baths

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