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Hilson Moran Partnership Ltd

Hilson Moran is a leading multidisciplinary engineering consultancy for the built environment. From across a network of offices in the UK, Europe and the Middle East we apply our technical skill and logic to a wide range of projects. We believe that great buildings are the result of team work and clear communications to realise optimum solutions.

Contact information

Hilson Moran Partnership Ltd
Shackleton House
Hay's Galleria
4 Battlebridge Lane
United Kingdom


CPD booking contact

Ms Laura Lay
Tel: +44 (0)20 7940 8888

Approved CPD materials

Achieving BREEAM Excellent
Type: Seminar
BREEAM need not be a tick box exercise. Whether the driver is a planning condition or a client requirement, BREEAM is a useful design tool. Take a graphical journey through key design features to achieve BREEAM Excellent and beyond.
Type: Seminar
A fun, informative introduction to acoustic principles using audio demonstrations and practical examples. Each attendee receives their own interactive encyclopaedia of acoustics CD ROM.
Tame the Flame
Type: Seminar
This seminar introduces the concept and principles of fire safety engineering. It covers the history and development of UK fire legislation and differing approaches to the determination of fire precautions.
Two 99s But no Flake - BS 9999 Fire Engineering Code of Practice
Type: Seminar
An introduction to the BS 9999, an alternative to the Approved Document B. Examines principles in the standard, using a hypothetical example to derive the relevant fire precautions.
A Description of the Enviromental and Services Design for 30 St Mary Axe
Type: Seminar
Outlines Hilson Moran’s role from project inception to completion. Gives a history of design from site considerations and lessons learned from other high-rise, environmentally progressive designs, to design of skin, systems and workplaces.
An Independent Introduction to the Design of Lifts
Type: Seminar
Introduction to vertical transportation system design, the impact of early decisions and relevant legislation and codes. An insight into current and future technology.
The Road to Zero Carbon Buildings
Type: Seminar
How can a 1 million square foot office in the City be “Zero Carbon”? What is a Fabric and Energy efficiency standard? All new buildings will need to be “Zero Carbon” by 2019 but what does this mean in terms of design and operation? This CPD examines the key legislation driving the decarbonisation of the UK building stock, the key design considerations, potential design pit falls and identifies opportunities for the whole design team.

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