CPD rules

CPD rules

  • You must do at least 35 hours of CPD each year
  • Of these, 20 hours must be gained from our RIBA CPD Core Curriculum syllabus
  • You can get the other 15 hours from relevant subjects of your choice
  • You must give at least 100 learning points to the CPD you carry out
  • You must gain at least half your CPD from structured learning, where possible
  • You must record your CPD online using the CPD recording manager
  • You must plan your CPD as much as possible

The 35 hours are the minimum amount of time you need to spend each year maintaining your competence.

The points we ask you to gain each year are meant to be a purely personal reflection of what you have got out of the activity. Points are really only there to help you measure what you have done.

The CPD you carry out is entirely self-assessed. Use whatever method you need and want to continue learning, to keep up to date and competent – whatever the activity and whatever the source.

As long as you do your CPD, we will see any methods you use as valid. We do not accredit or assess your activities, and do not assess course providers other than those in our network of CPD providers.

We do regularly monitor a random sample of chartered members to assess how far they are keeping to the CPD framework and the requirements.

From time to time we may ask you to give us your RIBA CPD record sheets. If you do not give us the information when we ask, we could suspend you.

Crystal Mark

Plain English Campaign's Crystal Mark applies to the CPD pages only.

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