CPD rules

Learning points

As you complete your CPD activities, we ask that you give learning points to each activity. The idea behind self-awarded learning points is that you think about the value a particular CPD activity has had on your development.

The points we ask you to build up each year are a purely personal reflection of what you got out of the activity. Giving points to the activity helps you assess what you have learned.

You need to give at least 100 learning points to the CPD activities you complete in a given year.

You can award between one and four points for each activity, based on your personal assessment of the activity.

One point – you learned little.

Two points – your knowledge has increased in a general way.

Three points – you have increased your knowledge of a subject in a detailed way.

Four points – the activity significantly benefited you in terms of knowledge and skills and you are expert in the subject. 

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