CPD at the RIBA


In certain circumstances you may find it difficult to meet the minimum CPD requirement using structured methods. We have identified the following groups who may be in this position.

  • Members on maternity leave, paternity or care leave
  • Unemployed members
  • People on career breaks
  • Those working abroad without access to adequate CPD
  • People on long-term sick leave
  • Those in the Armed Forces, Territorial Army or reserve or on other military duties.

Our policy towards members in these circumstances is to encourage you to keep a general awareness of changes that affect you, for example changes to relevant law or regulations.

We encourage self-directed, informal CPD so that you keep up-to date, competent and able to slot more easily back in to work when you are ready.  The obligation equals only 45 minutes a week.

You can carry out this type of learning in many different ways.  Some ideas include online and distance learning, email bulletins from us, local Business Link events, social networking sites, podcatsts, webinars and other online sources and the construction and design trade press, magazines and emails. We are always willing to provide help and advice.


Crystal Mark

Plain English Campaign's Crystal Mark applies to the CPD pages only.

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