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What are the RIBA CPD rules?

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What counts as CPD?

Any relevant learning activity that improves your ability to practise architecture and helps maintain your competence counts as CPD.

What kind of activities count?

See What counts as CPD? for more details.

What is 'structured' CPD?

See What counts as CPD? for a definition of structured CPD.

Can I choose my own CPD activities?


Do my practice's in-house seminars count as CPD?


Do I have to get my CPD from RIBA?

No, the sources of CPD you choose are up to you.

Does CPD have to be approved by you to be valid?

No, any relevant learning activity counts as CPD.

Do you accredit all CPD material?

No, the only CPD we assess is for the RIBA CPD Providers Network.

How do points work?

See Learning points.

Do I need attendance or CPD certificates?

No, but you may want to collect attendance certificates for your own records. Many providers of structured CPD will give you one if you ask.

What is the RIBA CPD core curriculum?

The core curriculum is a mandatory set of study topics representing the basic architectural skills and knowledge you must have to keep up your chartered membership.

Do I have to do every subject every year?

We expect at least two hours of CPD time in each of the 10 topics every year. Don't forget, though, that any relevant learning activity can count as CPD, including, where appropriate to your circumstances, reading and other informal methods.

Does all my CPD have to come under the subjects in the syllabus?

Your other 15 hours of CPD study can come from other relevant topics. However, you need to remember that the core curriculum is very comprehensive.

What are learning levels?

These represent the levels of expertise you may need in practice. They set the level of learning you follow. Click here.

What is a learning outcome?

A learning outcome is a general term that tells you specifically what students should know and be able to do in measurable terms as a result of an activity.

Can I decide what I do for my own programme?

Yes, you can decide both within the RIBA CPD core curriculum and the 15 hours of other CPD left to you. Your programme should reflect your personal, professional and business needs, your staff requirements, other professional requirements, your long-term future, and any skills shortages you may have.

How do you monitor CPD?

Every year we choose a random sample of 5% of members and ask to see your CPD record sheet as evidence of CPD for the previous year. If we do choose you, we will write to you or email you privately. We check that you have carried out the minimum CPD needed for the year.

What happens if I am chosen for monitoring and do not agree?

If you refuse to take part, after a series of warnings we could expel you from the RIBA. This would be as a last resort. We would rather help you to achieve your CPD goals by working with you.

Do you monitor CPD for the practice or individual members?

We only monitor the CPD records of individual members.

How do I record my CPD?

We ask you to record and plan your CPD online using the RIBA CPD recording manager. You will need your membership number and password to log into this or any other members-only service. See Recording your CPD for a step-by-step user guide for the CPD recording manager. 

How do I plan my CPD?

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How does the CPD year run?

The CPD year normally runs from January to December. However, many businesses plan their CPD around their financial year. If your business does this and we choose you for a CPD study, you may send us your records for the closest previous 12-month period.

I don't actually practise as an architect though I am a chartered member - what rules apply?

CPD is about maintaining your basic skills as a chartered architect. For some people, this will simply be a matter of generally keeping up to date by reading or knowing where to go for information if you need it. The need to maintain competence by way of doing CPD applies to all chartered members whatever job they do.

What if I work part-time?

The CPD obligation is about the minimum amount of time you need to spend to maintain your competence. This equals only 45 minutes a week. As a result, the same obligation to maintain competence applies to full-time and part-time workers.

What if I have been on maternity leave?

All member architects need to maintain their competence and skills and the minimum requirement equals only 45 minutes a week. However, we would not expect you to go to structured CPD events, such as a seminar.

You can continue to do informal CPD, for example, reading or online learning. See What counts as CPD? for some examples of types of informal CPD. If you have been chosen to provide evidence of your CPD for this time, make a note on your record sheet to explain your circumstances. 

What if I am unemployed or on long-term sick leave?

People in these circumstances also need to maintain their competence, but see the answer for people on maternity leave.

Are there any exemptions?

No, unless you are fully retired.

What are my responsibilities as an employer?

There is no specific guidance or law on this. CPD is an individual obligation. However, chartered practices must have a system in place to manage CPD. There are no set rules on what you do, how or when you do it. All RIBA members who employ architects must, according to the code of conduct, allow them time to meet their CPD responsibilities. Responsible employers will have an appraisal programme in place tied to yearly aims and training. They can then look at individual and group training needs. Click here for more information.

Frequently asked questions – CPD recording

Entering and editing information  

Why haven’t my changes been saved?

When you make changes, you need to click on the save button on the page before you leave the page. You will receive a message to say that your pages have been saved. This should appear almost immediately but may take longer depending on the speed of your connection. Wait until you receive this message before going to another page.

How do I enter a course lasting five days or more?

You enter courses lasting five days or more in the same way as other activities. Make sure you enter the start and end dates and the correct length of the course. The website will automatically allocate 75 points to the course.

What is the difference between the PDP and record sheet?

The PDP is a planning tool. We encourage you to set up a new one at the beginning of each year or the end of the previous year to plan your overall development aims. The record sheet is a straightforward tool for you to record your actual activity as you do it over the year. The aim is that, when properly planned, the activities on the record sheet will reflect the aims you set out on the PDP. It is a good idea to re-visit the PDP from time to time to see if you are on track, or to note any changes in your aims.

How do I add extra PDP aims after the initial entry?

You can edit your PDP any time. Go to Amend your PDP in the menu and then click on the PDP you want to update. To add extra aims, click on the number you want to add (for example, Development Aim 2). You can also change the details for existing aims.

How do I change the details shown at the top of my record?

To change the practice name or town, click on Amend your CPD record in the menu and then click on the record you want to change. To change your name, you need to change your member record. You can do this on the Manage my details page.

How do I enter reading as an activity?

Reading is a valid CPD activity. However, to make sure that your activities are varied and balanced, we ask that you claim no more than a third of your activity for general reading of the trade press. We suggest that you enter the reading activity every three months or every year, showing, for example 'reading trade press', or 'reading books'.

How long is a CPD day?

For CPD purposes, we assume a day is eight hours.

Will I know I am being monitored?

We will send you an email telling you that your records will be monitored. We will give you at least one month's notice.

Who can see my records?

Only certain members of our senior staff will be able to see your records. We will always give you notice before we view them.  

Other questions about the website

Do I need to log out?

No, if you close the browser or navigate to another site, you will automatically be logged out. However, if you want, you can click on Members home or go to the main membership page and then click Log out at the bottom of the menu.

Do I have to use this website to record my CPD?

You have to record your activity using our online CPD recording manager. If you cannot record online, and we ask to see your CPD record sheet for evidence that you are keeping to these requirements, we will accept paper records in exchange for a £50 donation to the RIBA Education Fund.

What are the implications of the Data Protection Act for practices which host staff documents?

Only certain staff will be able to see your records. We are not authorised to make them available to others, including employers. Nobody else has access to your records on the website. However, it is in your interest to share your CPD records with your employers, so you can benefit from training and development, to help you plan your CPD and for the business to benefit from your development. As a result, we suggest that you either print your records for your employer, or copy them to your shared office drive.

Do you keep a history of changes made to the record?

No. We do not keep a history of the changes made over time.

How do I print my records?

Go to View your CPD record section and choose the record sheet you want to print. Click on the print button or choose the print option on your browser. You can also print your professional development plan in the same way by going to the View your PDP section. For best results, print your records in landscape format.

Why doesn’t my record fit on one page of A4?

The size of your record will vary depending on the number of activities you enter and the length of the descriptions. Because of this, we cannot guarantee that it will fit on one page of A4. For best results, print your records in landscape format.   

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