Old CPD Curriculum

Levels of knowledge

Alongside the syllabus, the core curriculum guides you toward three learning levels. These are the varying levels of expertise you may need in practice. They decide the level of learning you need to follow. You can complete a lot of the CPD at the ‘general awareness’ level but there are circumstances when you will need to spend more time to gain CPD which is more advanced. The more detail and expertise you need, the more detailed your CPD should be.

General awareness
This learning level is enough to keep you generally up to date with changes in professional practice. It means you know where to go for more advice and information. You can maintain and improve this awareness by reading, researching websites or going to our RIBA CPD Providers Network seminars, General awareness of a topic does not normally mean you are an expert in that subject.

Detailed knowledge
This involves practical applied knowledge of the subject area which you achieve through learning and experience. It also means you can advise others of the implications. You can gain this learning level by going to our regional seminars or other courses or conferences (whether face-to-face, online or distance) as well as through experience.

Advanced knowledge
This is where you gain specialist knowledge, within the general practice of architecture, that you can market to clients and transfer to employees to help get you work. You can achieve this by carrying out courses leading to certificates, diplomas or degrees and informed experience.

Crystal Mark

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