Old CPD Curriculum

Old CPD Curriculum

New CPD Core Curriculum

The RIBA will launch a new CPD Core Curriculum in September 2011. The structure has been simplified following requests by members and has changed in line with the revised RIBA/ARB Joint Validation Criteria for Parts 1, 2 and 3.  

RIBA CPD Core Curriculum

We understand the time pressures you often experience when it comes to CPD. It is not always easy to make sure you cover certain crucial subjects you need to make sure you are still competent.

To help you, we developed the RIBA CPD Core Curriculum. The 31-subject syllabus makes the essential skills you need as an architect clearer. The curriculum is based on the syllabus in the RIBA Parts 1, 2 and 3.

You must use our RIBA CPD Core Curriculum syllabus to choose the subject matter for just over half of the CPD hours you have to do, plus at least two hours on health and safety. In total we will expect you to do at least 19½ hours of CPD in these subjects. The subject matter of the rest of your CPD hours is up to you.

Using our RIBA CPD Core Curriculum does not necessarily mean you have to carry out extra work or involve extra costs or special courses or knowledge on your part over and above the minimum requirements. You can include the syllabus in your professional development plan over time as we expect you to cover the range of curriculum subjects every five years.

Using our core curriculum does mean you can quickly and easily make sure you cover the basic knowledge and skills you needed when you qualified. And, you can include it in your CPD programme over time.

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