CPD at the RIBA

Planning your CPD

To get the greatest planning from your CPD, use a regular cycle of planning, development and reflection.  Planning your CPD rather than just reacting to cirumstances will better help you meet your obligations and needs. 

You can set learning and development goals ahead of time using our professional development plan. Use the plan to review and explore your professional and personal needs.  

  • Analyse your strengths and weaknesses
  • Look ahead at what the business needs
  • Decide what areas you need to develop
  • Plan and research your learning activities
  • Carry out your CPD
  • Record the individual activity online
  • Review and reflect on what you learned in that CPD
  • Put what you learned in to practice
  • Regularly review, analyse and assess your needs
  • Make CPD a regular part of your professional life

Use the framework and the minimum requirements to help create a plan and stick to it.

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Crystal Mark

Plain English Campaign's Crystal Mark applies to the CPD pages only. 

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