CPD at the RIBA

Recording your CPD

  • Log in as an RIBA member.
  • Go to: My membership > Record my CPD > Your records
  • A series of pop-up boxes, drop-down menus, ticks and free-text boxes guide you through
  • Once you enter your first CPD activity or record, you will have created your CPD record sheet
  • Everything you enter is automatically included on simple spreadsheets – your PDP, your record sheet and your five-year curriculum record
  • The spreadsheets are saved online. You can print them, export them and save them elsewhere

Recording your CPD

You need to record your CPD activity using our online CPD recording manager.

If you cannot record online, we will accept paper records in exchange for a £50 donation to the RIBA Education Fund.

Using this standardised CPD recording format allows us to make fair judgments about who is keeping to the requirements. We treat everyone exactly the same. As a result, this is fairer and more cost-effective.

We can spend our management time on other aspects of CPD and other services, rather than trying to measure who is keeping to the requirements using many different types of information supplied by members. Standardised reporting also allows us to run more reliable reports so we can analyse the types of CPD used and needed.

We encourage you to be creative in your approach to what you learn, but you need to be systematic in the way you keep records of your CPD.

This approach means you also control your own CPD for now and for future planning for your career. What you feel you need to develop may be different from others in your practice or organisation.

CPD is very much about what you want or need to learn, based on your professional circumstances at any particular time. The CPD you carry out and then record is very much up to you. However, you must meet our minimum requirements.

We do not want to see, and will never ask for, attendance certificates.


Crystal Mark

Plain English Campaign's Crystal Mark applies to the CPD pages only.

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