CPD at the RIBA

What counts as CPD?

'CPD' is a general term for any learning activity.  Depending on the expertise you need, your time spent on CPD can include anything from weekly reading at one end of the spectrum, to extra qualifications at the other, with an endless variety of learning activities in-between.

You may only need general awareness CPD for some or all topics. However, you need to be aware that the expertise you need in a topic, the more detailed your CPD in that topic ought to be.  You can use whatever method you want to keep learning - whatever the activity, whatever the source. We do not accredit or assess individual activities, nor do we assess course providers other than our CPD Providers Network.

Many different activities count as CPD. We divide them up into 'structured' and 'informal' CPD.

Structured CPD

Structured CPD is often based in a classroom and can be carried out in-house, at other venues or online. Structured CPD will have clear learning aims and outcomes given to you by the learning provider.

Examples of structured CPD activities include lunchtime seminars, conferences, courses and gaining some extra relevant qualifications. Suppliers of structured learning to use as CPD include, among others:

  • seminars from RIBA's nations and regions
  • the RIBA CPD Providers Network
  • the RIBA Online CPD
  • RIBA CPD Roadshows 
  • universities and colleges
  • other professional bodies
  • research organisations such as BRE
  • Business Link
  • Training companies
  • Conference organisers
  • seminars and workshops from other suppliers

Informal CPD

Informal CPD covers everything else you might do to learn, and will usually mean it is self-directed and learning aims will not have been provided for you. Informal CPD includes the following:

Using RIBA Knowledge Communities  Researching relevant websites
Using RIBA LinkedIn and Facebook pages  Using relevant social media
Using RIBAnet   Sharing knowledge
Reading books, journals and technical material  Mentoring
Reading weekly RIBA or trade press emails  Carrying out site visits and study tours
Visiting trade shows and exhibitions   Listening to podcasts
Carrying out relevant voluntary activities

Crystal Mark

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