Education Awards

Prizes, scholarships and bursaries

The RIBA Education Department is responsible for a range of prizes, scholarships and bursaries to support and reward students, graduates, academics and practitioners. The RIBA is responsible for setting standards for education and practice. Through the management and development of these awards and scholarships, the RIBA leads the way in promoting educational standards and encouraging students, academics and practitioners to exceed them.

The two main education awards programmes are:

The President's Medals Student Awards (awarded to the best design project at Part 1, the best design project at Part 2 and the best overall dissertation).

Annie Spink Award for Excellence in Architectural Education (awarded to an academic or group of academics who have made an outstanding contribution to architectural education). 
Other scholarships, prizes and bursaries on offer include awards for travel, research, environmental and community projects. Please follow the links for full descriptions and details.

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