RIBA Research Trust

RIBA Research Trust

'The funds provided by the RIBA's Research Trust Awards each year are an invaluable aid to those who are pursuing new knowledge in architecture. There is intense competition to get them, yet it's also the case that a good many of our best scholars and practitioners have benefited from this source of financial support at some point in their careers.'

- Professor Murray Fraser, Chair, RIBA Research Grants sub-committee

2014 RIBA Research Trust Awards - call for entries


The intention of the awards scheme is to support individuals who are pursuing research in the field of Architecture. It is anticipated that award winners will in subsequent years undertake a career as skilled researchers in the academic field or as practising architects developing a research trajectory.

The RIBA may support recent graduates or individuals who are already further into their careers. The committee will particularly welcome applications from practice-led researchers as this is an area in which we have historically received fewer applications from.


The awards scheme is open to applicants interested in a wide range of subject matter relevant to the advancement of architecture, and connected arts and sciences, in the United Kingdom. 

The RIBA Research Trust Award is for a closely defined piece of architectural research. The committee will support practice-led or academic research, but it will not support course fees and subsistence costs for PhD/MPhil or Masters programmes. Awards are given only to named individuals, not organisations. The maximum grant applicants may apply for is £10,000. A detailed breakdown of costs should be provided in the application form.

Applicants based outside the UK are also eligible to apply; however the research work must in the main be undertaken within the United Kingdom.

How to apply

Please read the guidance notes thoroughly, complete the application form and e-mail to hayley.russell@riba.org or sent to Hayley Russell, Royal Institute of British Architects, 66 Portland Place, London W1B 1AD. The deadline for applications is midday on Monday 2 June 2014.

Recipients of the RIBA Research Trust Awards 2013

Rutter Carroll: Something Concrete and Modern: Post war Architecture in the North East of England

Alan Lewis: The Mathematization of Daylighting: a history of British architects’ use of the daylight factor

Anna Liu and Mike Tonkin: Shell Lace Structure

Asterios Agkathidis and Rosa Urbano Gutierrez: The Aesthetics of Energy Efficient Retrofit: Post-War Social Residential Towers in Britain

Recipients of the RIBA Research Trust Awards 2012

Alison Killing and Kate Crawford: (Re)constructing the city: integrating urban design into humanitarian response

Lesley McIntrye: Selwyn Goldsmith (1932-2011) and the Architectural Model of Disability: A Retrospective of the Man and the Model

Stephen Walker: Understanding the Architecture of the Travelling Street Fair

Steve Wolstenholme: The design of Health Buildings in a time of austerity

Walter Menteth: Pathways towards achieving Construction Procurement Reform and Intelligent Commissioning

Suzi Winstanley: ThinkSpace: Designing For Changing Reader Needs In The Contemporary University Library

Recipients of the RIBA Research Trust Awards 2011

Dr Mahnaz Shah: Le Corbusier's Potato Building Typology 1963 - 1965: An Analysis

Oliver Domeisen: The Four Elements of Ornament: Foundations for a Contemporary Ornamental Practice

Lea-Catherine Szacka: Display and Debate: An Oral History of the 1976 Europa/America Show at the Venice Biennale

Dr Yat Ming Loo: Architecture and immigration in London: The lost history of Limehouse Chinatown (1900 - 1970)

Steve Parnell: AD and Post-Modern architecture: a critical history 

Annekatrin Hultzsch: 'Date your District', 1942 Modern 'Visual Re-education' and the Perception of Victorian Architecture in the Architectural Review

James Dunnett: The Life and Work of Ernö Goldfinger, RA, RIBA (1902 - 1987) 

Recipients of RIBA Research Trust Awards 2010

Mr Matthew French - Bio-climatic Design of Informal Self-Built Dwellings: a study in Kibera, Nairobi.

Mr Nicholas Jewell - Bringing it Back Home: The Urbanization of the British Shopping Mall as the West Goes East.

Mr Stephen McCusker - The Documentation and mapping of the Central Premises of the Co-Operative Movement in the North-West of England (1844 - 2012).

Dr Karen McPhillips - Ecclesiastical Building Disuse and Identity: The Case of Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church.

Dr Marisela Mendoza - Felix Candela's Legacy: An Investigation of Felix Candelas work and its Legacy to the Socio-Cultural Heritage and Public Identity of the Contemporary Society in Mexico and the UK.

Recipients of RIBA Research Trust Awards 2009

Dr Matthew Barac - Slow Topography: Informal Urban Order in an Age of Global Change.

Mr Joseph Bedford - Real Building or Media Object? Stirling and Gowan's Leicester Engineering Building.

Miss Emily Greeves- Neylan & Ungless.

Dr Tanis Hinchcliffe - An Architectural History of Gentrification in London, 1965 - 1975.  

Recipients of RIBA Research Trust Awards 2008

Dr Pedro Alonso - Social and Industrial Culture of Soviet Large- concrete Panel Factories in Chile and Cuba: KPD and the Politics of Prefabrication, 1970 - 1980.

Dr Alan Calder - William Flockhart 1853 - 1913: Architect to the Nouveaux Riches.

Mr Max Gane- Breuer in Bristol.

Professor Mark Swenarton - The Housing Programme of the London Borough of Camden under Sydney Cook, 1965 - 1973.

Dr Nicholas Warner - Somers Clarke (1841 - 1926) and the Revival of Mudbrick Architecture in Egypt.  

Recipients of RIBA Research Trust Awards 2007

Mr Richard Brook - Manchester Modern: A Selective Examination of the Modern and Modernist Architecture of Greater Manchester.

Ms Elizabeth Darling - The Work and Life of Wells Wintemute Coates, Architect-Engineer with specific reference to his early career, 1927 - 1934.

Dr Felipe Hernandez - Beyond Modernist Masters.

Professor Neil Jackson - Modernity and Tradition in Post-war Japanese Architecture.

Recipients of RIBA Research Trust Awards 2006

Dr Samer Bagaeen - Redeveloping Former Military Sites: An International Perspective.

Mr Benson Lau - The Poetics of Sacred Light.

Recipients of RIBA Research Trust Awards 2005

Ms Sophie Handler - Old People and Public Space in the London Borough of Newham.

Mr Dominic O'Neill - An Investigative Study and Analysis of the Architecture, Context and Function of Ten University Business Schools Completed Since 1995.

Dr Tatjana Schneider - Notions of Modernity: The Arts Tower in Sheffield.

More Information 

For further information contact hayley.russell@riba.org or 020 73073678.

The applications are assessed by the RIBA Research Trusts Awards Committee:

  • Dolan Conway
  • Brian Ford, University of Nottingham
  • Murray Fraser, The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (Chair)
  • Robert Mitchell, Mitchell Taylor Workshop (RIBA Council member)
  • Sophie Handler, past recipient
  • Alan Jones, Queen's University (RIBA Council member)
  • Flora Samuel, Sheffield University
  • Victoria Thornton, Open City



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