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Aquatics Centre, Zaha Hadid Architects

 Zaha Hadid Architects, Aquatics Centre

The following presentations illustrate key processes that architects use in their everyday work.

They have been designed to assist young people with their own design projects and support students to improve their research, evaluation and ICT skills.

The powerpoints can be shown at the beginning of lessons or before embarking on a design brief.

Three buildings from the 2012 Games site have been chosen to illustrate:

  • Site analysis – the substation was the first building to appear on site and is a bold and dramatic addition made of black brick construction. Find out how the site informed the architects' design decisions. 
  • Model-making – the Basketball Arena is a striking white temporary building which evokes bouncing basketballs. Explore how to make 3D models from simple materials such as card and paper.
  • Computer aided design – the Aquatics Centre is a major venue for the 2012 Games with a dramatic roof shaped like a wave. Discover how the architects used CAD (computer aided design) to create the forms and imagery.






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