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Inspired by Design

Architecture resources for schools and colleges

Inspired by Design

Inspired by Design is an educational resource, inspired by the architecture of the 2012 Games. It illustrates key aspects of the design process to support Design & Technology (D&T) and other subjects in secondary schools and colleges. 

The resource aims to enhance teaching and learning about design by providing inspirational material in a series of downloadable presentations and activity ideas. It is does not consist of lesson plans, but will appeal to teachers who are keen to access fresh material that builds upon their classroom expertise.

About the resource

  • It is structured in three sections, suitable for ages 11-19.
  • It is not reliant on a visit to the London 2012 Games, and material can be used before, during and after the event itself.
  • It will be useful in any D&T curriculum and in other enrichment and careers activities.

1. Design journeys

Olympic Stadium sketch, Populous

 Populous, Olympic Stadium sketch

The Design journeys section provides two presentations explaining the design processes behind two venues from the 2012 Games - the Olympic Stadium and the Velodrome.

You will have access to inspirational images of sketches and models clearly illustrating the design journeys of these exciting buildings.  

The presentations are also complimented by a downloadable sheet of activity ideas which are designed to be used after showing the presentations – with suggestions for varying the content by age. 


2. Design skills

Basketball Arena Model, Wilkinson Eyre Architects

Wilkinson Eyre Architects, Basketball Arena model

The Design skills section contains three presentations prompting further understanding of three techniques used by architects – site analysis, model-making and computer aided design (CAD).

These are each illustrated with images from a 2012 Games building and can be used to help students improve their understanding of design research, prototyping and presentation.  

You can show these before setting a design brief or challenge, to illustrate to students that these processes are rooted in how architects and designers actually work. 



3. Design challenges

Central Footbridge, Heneghan Peng

Heneghan Peng Architects, Central Footbridge. Image: Marie Louise Halpenny

The Design challenges section offers ideas for design briefs inspired by the 2012 Games. As well as referencing the legacy of the 2012 Games, these will encourage young people to look, question and think creatively about where they live.

Suggestions have been split into those that could be run as a short-term activity, such as a challenge day, and ideas for project work by age (as a guide only).     




Get Set website

Get Set is the official London 2012 education programme for schools and colleges across the UK. It provides free learning resources for 3-19 year olds to find out more about the Games and explore the Olympic Values of excellence, friendship and respect, and the Paralympic Values of determination, inspiration, courage and equality.

Inspired by Design is part of Get Set+ and is featured within the Practical Learning theme. It has been designed to compliment the ODA Construction Kit, and includes images from the Get Set image bank alongside those provided by architectural practices.

Visit for more information.

London 2012 wants to reward you!

Schools and colleges that participate in the Inspired by Design programme will be recognised by London 2012 with a plaque and certificate, and will be granted the right to use the London 2012 education logo on their website, school/college sign and letterhead.

These schools and colleges can also access exclusive rewards such as tours of the Olympic Park, visits from athletes and receive priority access to tickets to the Games through the London 2012 Ticketshare initiative. Visit to find out more. 

Inspired by Design has been developed and written by Laura Broderick.  

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