How young people benefit

Learning through architecture


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There are many benefits from introducing architecture into the classroom:

  • Studying the built environment and design through Architects in Residence can prompt young people to think differently about curriculum subjects and their practical application, adding a work-related perspective and so boosting motivation and interest.
  • Exploring architecture can engage young people with their local area, encourage pride of place and promote citizenship.
  • Working with architects can help students gain knowledge and life skills valuable for future employment.
  • Meeting and working with practising architects, who continually deal with creative challenges and find solutions to practical problems, can offer students inspiring role models.
  • A working contact with an architect can offer information and encouragement to those students interested in being involved in architecture, built environment or the construction industries as a career choice.


Student survey

In 2011, a survey completed by 90 students from the regional rollout of Architecture in Residence showed that

  • 91% Architects in Residence improved their understanding of architecture
  • 83% Maths through Architecture increase their understanding of maths
  • 88% Thought the project was fun and interesting.


Student feedback

  • 'The teaching is different because an architect and teacher both have different perceptions of learning and I am glad to have viewed them both.' Adam aged 13
  • 'It was interesting and fun. It's different because we don't have to write in our books and we didn't copy off the board.' Sophie aged 13
  • 'It was good because I have a better understanding of maths.' Can aged 8
  • 'We learnt how an architectural designer works and it was better than usual lessons. I am thinking about being an architect now.' Matthew aged 14
  • 'It was cool as they are actual real architect! Thank you for the great experience! I think we are all delighted.' Hannah aged 13


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