Benefits for architects and teachers

Benefits for architects and teachers

Architects and teachers also benefit from this programme. Collaboration with an architect will extend teachers' knowledge of architecture and the built environment, and develop their confidence and competence to incorporate studies of architecture and the built environment into their work.

Collaboration with a teacher will enable architects to share their passion for design and speak knowledgeably and enthusiastically about the built environment. It will also allow them to extend the skills they bring to school design by developing an understanding of school organisation, educational language, curricular objectives, teachers’ roles and responsibilities and the needs of students.

Architects and teachers from previous Architects in Residence projects have gained confidence and insight as well as a renewed appreciation for each profession.

'Very encouraging for pupils. Hands on practical work. Excellent insight to an architects career!' James Booth, KSS Co-ordinator, Whitby High School

'It gave me an opportunity to broaden their understanding of architecture, and hopefully a greater understanding of what we do' Josephine Glyn, Architect, Hawkins Brown


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