RIBA Client Advisers

Need help starting, structuring or developing your project? You need sound, impartial and informed advice.



Having an RIBA Client Adviser on board from the earliest stages can help bring certainty and control to the whole enterprise, and safeguard your investment.

They will work with you to help define and then help deliver the best long-term solution for your organisation, one that will fulfil all the original aims and requirements of the project.

RIBA Client Advisers will assist you from the earliest stages of a project by:

  • setting collaborative project outcomes
  • strategic decision-making
  • stakeholder consultation
  • design brief development 
  • budget-setting 
  • feasibility studies
  • procurement procedures
  • appraisals of design proposals.

RIBA Client Advisers can help you achieve high quality and best value in building. When considering the built environment, the most important decisions are the ones made at the very inception, before the planning and design stages and long before any bricks are laid. It is at this early stage that the success, or otherwise, of your project is decided.

Getting answers to questions such as the ones below is a challenge for any construction client, whether it is their first project or their 50th.

  • Do you have a strategy or masterplan in place for all your buildings and premises?
  • Have you fully weighed up the pros and cons of all the options – for example new-build, refurbishment, extension?
  • Do you know whether the chosen option will answer all of your needs?
  • Are you confident of getting best value at every step of the project?
  • How future-proof will the project be, and how sustainable?
  • Do you know the best procurement route to take? 

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The RIBA offers a referral service tailor-made for your project. A shortlist of RIBA Client Advisers with the right skills and expertise to meet your requirements is drawn from our nationwide database of accredited RIBA Client Advisers.

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