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Carbon Literacy Briefing

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Carbon Literacy Briefing Second Edition

Carbon Literacy Briefing Summary

Carbon Literacy Briefing Executive Summary

Carbon Literacy Briefing Executive Summary

In the 1960s, the famous American engineer Richard Buckminster Fuller used to ask his audiences of engineers the question: 'How much does your building weigh?' His interest was in efficient designs that used less material but, of course, nobody could ever answer his question.

The 21st century equivalent of Buckminster Fuller's question is: 'How much carbon dioxide does your building emit?'

This briefing is there to help architects and others to answer this question, by explaining the relationship between buildings and carbon dioxide emissions, and by summarising some of the existing benchmarks for building energy use and associated emissions.

The Carbon Literacy Briefing is available as the full A4 Guide, or an A5 Summary.  Both are free to download:

Alternatively, to receive a hard copy of the Carbon Literacy Briefing or any of the other guides please contact us


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