Climate Change

Climate Change

Our Combating Climate Change programme will help RIBA members, the Institute and its staff to play their part in tackling changes to our climate caused by greenhouse gas emissions. There are four strands that make up the Combating Climate Change programme. These are:

Setting Carbon Targets

The RIBA believes that rapid and significant reductions in global carbon emissions are necessary to reduce climate change, and supports a minimum of an 80% cut in CO2 emissions by 2050. The RIBA's Climate Change Policy adopts the philosophy of Contraction and Convergence. The theory points towards significantly tougher international reductions in emissions, and seeks a globally equitable solution. The RIBA will be active in pushing for a fair but strong international agreement in the run-up to the UN's Copenhagen Summit in December 2009.

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Architects are facing steadily tougher regulation about how energy efficient buildings must be, have ever-more environmentally aware and demanding clients, and themselves want to play their part through their work. Therefore we are providing member-focused guidance on the principles, tools and techniques necessary to design and build low carbon buildings, and adaptive, flood resilient design, and to advise clients on what is possible. 

Creating a Low Carbon RIBA

The RIBA itself causes significant carbon emissions - our activities create the need to travel, we heat and light our buildings, and each use a range of resources. We want to limit our own impact on the environment overall, and particularly to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions. Therefore we have assessed how much energy and resources the RIBA uses, what its carbon footprint is, where it comes from, and are now taking decisive action to reduce our emissions and energy use. 

Campaigning for a Low Carbon UK

Through the work of the RIBA Trust, our Public Affairs and Media teams, and throughout our other work, the RIBA is helping to promote greater public awareness of the climate change threat, the role buildings and design play in creating and reducing climate change. We are working together with other institutions to lobby the government and the construction industry to raise their standards and play their part to combat climate change.

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