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Low Carbon Design Tools

Low Carbon Design Tools Second Edition

Low Carbon Design Tools Executive Summary

Low Carbon Design Tools Summary

Low Carbon Design Tools Executive Summary (A5)

Low carbon buildings are designed to produce significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions than others, helping to mitigate climate change. In order to achieve lower carbon buildings, the construction industry is facing increasing pressure to address environmental performance earlier in the design process. At the same time, developers are realising that early and ongoing consideration of environmental performance leads to buildings that meet the required standards by the most cost effective methods.

There are many tools that may be used by the design team at different stages during the development of a project. Some cover all building types; others are specific to domestic or non-domestic buildings.

This guide reviews design tools that are available for architects designing low-carbon buildings. The guide is not exhaustive – the focus is on proven tools that are in common use in the UK. The guide first identifies the stages of design development at which tools may prove useful and then provides information and links to guidance, checklists, tools and other resources for the domestic and non-domestic sectors.

The RIBA guide to Low Carbon Design Tools is available as the full A4 Guide, or an A5 Summary. Both are free to download:

Alternatively, to receive a printed copy of Low Carbon Design Tools, or any of the other guides, please contact us.
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