A growing number of people and buildings of all types are threatened by flooding. If trends in climate change continue as predicted, the risk to property and livelihoods will only increase.

We believe that we can continue to live close to water and enjoy its proximity safely, by successfully managing the risk of flooding happening in the first place, and seeking to minimise the consequences when it does take place. This will involve maintaining adequate flood defences, and choosing appropriate areas for development through the planning system, as well as integrating design-led solutions to new buildings and the surrounding developments.

Therefore we have looked to uncover the opportunities as well as threats posed by flooding, and have sought to develop fresh, innovative approaches to designing for flood risk.


Further information on flooding and design:

Flooding explained: cause and effect


RIBA Publications

Facing up to Rising Sea Levels

Facing up to sea level rise

A joint publication between Building Futures (RIBA) and the Institution of Civil Engineers, looking creatively at the long term prognosis for coastal towns and cities in the face of rising sea levels.


Flooding Design Guide


An RIBA guide to designing with flood risk in mind, covering the key principles, design solutions and best practice examples (2009)



Living With Water (2007)

Living with Water: Visions of a Flooded Future is the RIBA's think tank, Building Futures', examination of the future links between flood risk and development opportunity in the Thames Estuary, with 5 far-sighhted essays from leading thinkers in the field


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