Sustainability and climate change

Sustainability and climate change

The RIBA Sustainability Hub includes design strategies, case studiesvideos and blogs, and is designed to develop and grow into the one-stop portal for sustainability information.

Sustainable design is a broad concept which aims to reduce the adverse effect of human activities on our world, particularly climate change. 

Architecture is responsible for about 45% of the carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas) emissions in the UK. Architects are a large part of the problem of tackling climate change, and consequently the solution - sustainable architecture.

The RIBA, along with the vast majority of architects, recognises this and has taken appropriate strategic action to stimulate the production of sustainable architecture.

Find out more about sustainability and climate change, read the RIBA Environmental Manifesto

Climate change
The RIBA has launched a programme of activities to help architects and the public address the challenge of climate change. Find out more.

Find out about Designing for Flood Risk.

Sustainability Hub

The Sustainability Hub is the one-stop portal for sustainability information.

RIBA Climate Change Briefing

Download the RIBA's Climate Change Toolkits

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