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Exterior of Killin and Ardeonaig Church

Killin Church Perth_530x414

Exterior of Killin and Ardeonaig Church
Architect: probably John Douglas (1744)
Photograph: E. Smith (unknown date)
Source: RIBA British Architectural Library Photographs Collection

With its plain exterior, Killin is a typical Presbyterian church of the later eighteenth century. At its heart is the original octagonal church, probably designed by John Douglas in 1744. Since then, various additions have been made, including the square wings (1831-2), shown in this photo. However, the additions remain true to the earlier parts.

Geometry, rather than ornament, dominates the design. Rigorously symmetrical, the church’s whitewashed walls seem incredibly bare. No projections interrupt their steady march from the ground up. This church is more wall than window. What windows there are appear very modest. Simple rounded arches, they look more domestic than ecclesiastical.

Some texture is given by the slates covering the steep roofs, glossy from recent rain. The slate-covered lantern, capping the octagon, is the only architectural flourish to the building, but even this is sober. The overall effect is a building neither grand nor pretentious, centred on worship, built by and for the community.


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