RIBA Associate Membership

RIBA Associate Member subscriptions

Subscription rates for the RIBA Associate Member class are structured in a way that reflects your experience and level of expertise. As you progress and develop within your chosen career path, the subscription rates rises incrementally. The subscription costs are calculated using the date you successfully gained your RIBA Part 2 qualification or equivalent. RIBA Council reviews all membership subscription rates at the end of each year to ensure that they are appropriate.

The RIBA Associate Member subscriptions cover the period from January to December. If you choose to become an Associate Member part-way through the year you will pay the remaining subscription on a pro-rata basis.

The RIBA Associate Member subscription rates are: 

UK International
Within one year of completing RIBA/CAA Part 2 £56 £44
Within two years of completing RIBA/CAA Part 2 £74 £59
Within three years of completing RIBA/CAA Part 2 £93 £74
Within four years of completing RIBA/CAA Part 2 £130 £104
Within five years of completing RIBA/CAA Part 2 £222 £178
Over five years since completing RIBA/CAA Part 2  £222  £178


*To make it easier to be part of the RIBA, there are a range of options to allow you to spread the payments over six, 10 or 12 months.

Concessionary rates are available for registered unemployed and registered disabled. Proof of status is required. Please contact Membership Services for further information on 
+44(0)20 7307 3800.


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