RIBA Chartered Membership

RIBA Chartered membership

When you are elected to RIBA Chartered membership, you gain access to all of the RIBA's professional services and resources to help you in your career. But you can also start using the title of RIBA Chartered Architect; a sign to colleagues, other architects and clients that you are committed to the very highest standards of professional practice.

You can download the RIBA Membership brochure for further details.

RIBA Membership benefits and services

Download a brochure of RIBA benefits and services to view a breakdown of what you can access as a Member.

To qualify for membership

You will need to:

  • have been awarded qualifications validated by the RIBA at Parts 1, 2 and 3 OR
  • or have a qualification recognised under the European Directive 2005/36/EC, and have  five years' or more post-graduation professional practice experience* OR
  • have been awarded qualifications validated by the RIBA at Parts 1 and 2 and have 2 years or more post-graduation professional practice experience (This route is only applicable to those based outside the UK) OR
  • undertake the RIBA Membership Eligibility Assessment Panel* (This route is only applicable to qualified architects based outside the UK) OR
  • or be a full architect member of one of the following 12 international professional institutes (This route is only applicable to those based outside the UK):

American Institute of Architects| (AIA)

Bond van Nederlandse Arkitekten| (BNA)

Bund Deutscher Architekten |(BDA)

Hong Kong Institute of Architects| (HKIA)

Japan Institute of Architects| (JIA)

New Zealand Institute of Architects| (NZIA)

Pertubuhan Akitek Malaysia| (PAM)

Royal Architectural Institute of Canada| (RAIC)

Australian Institute of Architects| (AIA)

Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland| (RIAI)

South African Institute of Architects| (SAIA)

Singapore Institute of Architects| (SIA)


If you meet one of these criteria, find out how to apply|.

*Certain EU qualifications are not automatically recognised by the RIBA. For further information about how you may still become a Chartered Member, please download the following pdf file.

More information

To practise under the title of architect in the UK you must be registered with the ARB (Architects Registration Board). For more information: www.arb.org.uk|

You will find information about schools of architecture with RIBA-validated courses at the President's Medals website|.

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